NorthBay WyldLife Camp 2016

Leaders and kids truly did have the best week of their lives! And while our shirts were called the MVP shirt of the week ;) , they were not the highlight of our week. The highlight of the week was kids' faces as they reacted to the camp property, camp food, camp activities, and the conversations that came out of hearing the Gospel! On the side, you can see the many smiles, laughter, and genuine happiness radiating from their faces. It was a joy filled trip!

Not only in their body language can we tell they enjoyed camp, but in their words...Here are our kids’ responses to the awesomeness of everything:

“YO! This is like Zoey 101 or a college campus. I can do whatever I want!”

“Wait, I can have a 3rd helping of mashed potatoes?!”

“I’m so scared of heights, but I know I will never have a chance to do this again!”

“This is beautiful.”

“What! They know the kind of music I dance to!”​


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